What We Do

Learn more about how The Ethan S. Bain Environmental Health Foundation programs Support, Educate and Sustain The Bahamas for future generations.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to assist environmental health professionals by providing opportunities for further education and development. We are also focused on supporting youth-based programs to educate on the importance of sustainability and preserving the natural environment particularly the land environment.

Our Work

We Support

We are committed to supporting initiatives focused on anti-littering and youth education surrounding protecting and preserving our natural environment.

We Educate

We believe that future Bahamians should inherit an environment that is pristine. Through education of professionals in the field and through our own education campaigns on anti-littering, we believe that together we can preserve the environment for tomorrow’s citizens.

We Sustain

We understand that how we move today will impact our country’s ability to sustain our resources for future generations. Our commitment is to assist wherever possible with programs that promote the sustainability of our natural resources particularly our land resources.