Local Environmental Foundation Launches Website Focused On Education and Sustainability


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Local Environmental Foundation Launches Website

Focused On Education and Sustainability


Nassau, Bahamas, November 11, 2019 — Today, Ethan S. Bain Environmental Health Foundation (ESBEHF) officially launched its new website www.ethansbain.org. The local non-profit is focused on using the digital platform to connect with environmental professionals and other local and international organizations to positively impact the Bahamian environment.

Started in 2006 in memory of passionate Bahamian environmentalist Ethan S. Bain, the Foundation continues his mission of promoting sustainability particularly as it relates to the land environment. Since its inception, the Ethan S. Bain Environmental Health Foundation has donated $25,000 in scholarship funds and to support anti-littering initiatives in local schools. The group is also hoping to partner with government entities, tertiary institutions and other NGOs to sponsor professional development training for persons in the environmental health field.


The new website highlights on-going and past initiatives of the Foundation including clean up campaigns, anti-littering school programs, scholarship opportunities and training for environmental professionals. For its relaunch, the group is inviting professionals in the public health and environmental sector as well as other non-profit entities to reach out regarding potential partnerships.

Ethan S. Bain dedicated his life to public health and the need to reduce waste and dispose of excess paper, plastic and other materials in a responsible way. He began his career in Preventative Health Care Services after completing studies at West Indies School of Public Health in Kingston, Jamaica. Ethan later went on to earn a Bachelor’s Degree from East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, Tennessee and a Masters Degree in Environmental Health from Florida International University.


He served as Deputy Director of Environmental Health and Manager of Environmental Services at Public Hospitals Authority before venturing into entrepreneurship. A pioneer in the field of waste management, Mr. Bain was one of the founding members of Bahamas Waste Management and later went on to establish his own company Solid Waste Management. He was an active member of the Bahamas National Trust and helped to orchestrate island-wide cleanup campaigns throughout New Providence.


Jacqueline Bain, founder of the organization and Bain’s widow said the new website is a significant step toward increasing the Foundation’s visibility locally and around the world. With recent focus on the global impact of climate change and specifically with the passage of Hurricane Dorian, Mrs. Bain believes the environment must be a major consideration as The Bahamas moves forward in its development.


“Our overall goal is to assist environmental health professionals by providing opportunities for further education and development. We are also focused on supporting youth-based programs to educate the next generation on the importance of sustainability and preserving the natural environment particularly the land environment.”


She continued: “We are excited to launch the website which includes key elements of our rebranding. We want to attract young professionals and established organizations to assist with our overall goal of raising awareness and putting the focus on preserving and protecting our natural environment. Second to his love of God and his fellowmen, that is what my husband, Ethan believed in and that’s at the heart of the Foundation’s mission.”


In addition to upgrades to the branding and content, the website also allows direct donations online to support the Foundation’s ongoing scholarship and community-based sustainability programs


To partner with the Ethan S. Bain Environmental Health Foundation or to support its programs, visit www.ethansbain.org, call 1-242-812-1203, email connect@ethansbain.org or follow them on https://www.facebook.com/EthanSBain/.


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